How Much Is User Data Worth?

  • The email address of a single internet user is worth $89 to any brand
  • If the collective revenue of digital advertising companies in the US is put together, the data generated from an adult would be worth about $35 per month.
  • Pawtocol is on a journey towards setting a new precedent on how companies should interact with user data

Your Personal Data Is Being Exchanged For These Free Services

Get Mad! Your data is worth something. At Pawtocol. we value that.

How Much Your Data Is Worth To Tech Companies

Next time you use these channels, think about all the free data they are capturing.

The Valuation of A Tech Company Is Directly Linked To The Underlying Value Of User Data

At Pawtocol, you get rewarded with Universal Pet Income for sharing your data.

User Data is Worth A Lot To Data Brokers

Blockchain Technology Has The Potential To Provide Consumers With The Needed Privacy They Deserve



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