Inside Pawtocol: Business Data Request Content

  • The data available for sale can potentially include any platform activity, covering areas such as consumer purchasing, veterinary medicine and treatments, location information, pet or pet owner demographics, recreational activities, and a variety of other classes of information.
  • The marketplace will function like a stock market, with data buyers offering to buy specific data at a set price.
  • This model will likely lead to cheaper, richer datasets than are available for purchase from traditional data aggregators
  • Pawtocol’s innovative design features allow data to be exchanged while maintaining an individual’s privacy as well as a high-degree of trust in the data
  1. More responsive, inclusive and cost-effective medical research. The current grain-free debate is an excellent use-case for Pawtocol’s Data Marketplace. Data creators can easily track, and ultimately share, their pet’s feeding and exercise regimens, along with medical records. Curating a research dataset to adequately model such a complex system as diet across dog breeds is just simply too resource-intensive (time and money) to be feasible; this is evidenced by the small size of even the most robust available studies on the topic. Identifying subjects, collecting inputs, verifying those inputs and collating them involves two categories of expense: the first is payment to study subjects for participation and the second is payment for administration of the process, with the latter often consuming over 90% of the total cost. The Pawtocol platform eliminates the need for nearly all of these administrative efforts. This dramatically reduces the time and money needed to prepare a study such as this, allowing for larger, more varied sample sizes, which will ultimately accelerate vital research.
  2. More flexible, precise and accessible market research. When a pet food manufacturer examines the potential to enter a new product or geographic market, they are often limited to focus groups, aggregated sales data and relying upon broad assumptions. This leads to suboptimal decisions and lost efficiency. Performing the necessary research to enter a new market is therefore often cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses, serving as a barrier to entry for potential new entrants. In the Data Marketplace, a business could simply offer a small payment in exchange for consumers to reveal their relevant purchasing preferences. This will yield benefits to consumers in the form of a greater competition and, in turn, greater breadth of products to choose from.
  3. More timely, insightful and accurate supply-chain analysis. Managing ingredient sourcing, manufacturing and delivery processes has become ever more challenging as cost control pressures meet enhanced market competition and longer delivery routes. One of the most serious consequences of this is the growing prevalence of potentially lethal food recalls. With the help of Pawtocol’s Spectrophotometry scanner and the data marketplace, food manufacturers and retailers can directly measure variances in the quality of the products at the point of consumption. These businesses can incentivize consumers of their product to measure for the presence of potentially dangerous substances, such as mold, through the data marketplace. This will lead to faster recognition of problems and even the ability for manufacturers to identify a potential issue before it becomes more serious.

How will it work?

  1. A certain amount of information about the security that is knowable by both buyers and sellers
  2. A way to publicize the price a buyer or seller would accept for that security.

How much will it cost?

How can I know the data is trustworthy?

  1. Inference drawn by the buyer regarding the collection method
  2. The immutability of the blockchain and distributed storage systems themselves
  3. The ability to prove membership in a certain group in order to characterize the origin of the information
  1. A robust process exists for a person to attain membership in a group
  2. Data can be proven to have either come from or been confirmed by a member of such a group




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