Pawtocol is Improving Veterinary Care by Bringing Tech and Convenience to your Neighborhood.

4 min readDec 13, 2019

For pet parents, taking your animal to the vet just will become a whole lot easier thanks to the new partnership between Pawtocol, the disruptive global online community of pet lovers leveraging blockchain technology and EZ Vets, a first of its kind pet clinic located in pet-friendly retail locations.

“Our partnership with EZ Vet will help us to stand out from the pack compared to other blockchain projects”, says the CEO of Pawtocol, Mr. Karim Quazzani. “It means we have a way to bring our advanced blockchain tech directly to pet parent’s neighborhoods, bridging the gap between the new digital, distributed world and the older, analog centralized one”

EZ Vets currently has a growing base of clinics in Florida, soon to be expanding nationwide. Their clinics offer a wide range of preventative care, routine diagnostics and dental treatments for your pets, administered by a trusted, licensed veterinary professional. This is essentially the pet version of a minute-clinic you might find in CVS.

Here are 5 ways users will benefit:

1.Our partnership with EZ vets will ensure that the entire array of our features will be available to pet parents immediately.

Pawtocol’s goal is to enrich the lives of pets and pet parents the world over. That vision translates to an enormous outreach and onboarding effort in light of today’s veterinary industry, which consists of mega-corps, outdated IT infrastructure, and traditional business practices. Sound familiar? It’s just like many of our largest, most important institutions.

By launching our platform together with EZ Vet’s nationwide expansion, pet parents won’t have to wait to take full advantage of everything our platform has to offer because all of its features, such as Universal Pet Records, will be incorporated into the EZ Vet model at its onset.

Quick hassle free healthcare for your pets.

2. Generating UPI is easier with EZVet since their clinics will be fully integrated with the platform.

Universal Pet Income, or UPI, is a token with monetary value that users earn for performing actions on the platform. As it relates to EZ Vet, for example, UPI can be earned for giving permission to share medical data on the blockchain or providing an immutable review of your experience at the vet.

You’ll be able to take advantage of these features at any vet you choose, but doing so will be easier at any practice that has been fully integrated with the Pawtocol platform.

Our ecosystem allows you to earn UPI.

3. EZ Vet will take full advantage of Pawtocol’s Universal Pet Records datastore and its treatment AI, ensuring your pet receives the best possible treatment.

Over and undertreatment doesn’t just plague the human healthcare system; it’s a problem for pets too. Complex medical histories, switching providers and emergency situations increase the likelihood that your pet will not get the best possible treatment. Pawtocol is here to change that in two key ways.

First, storing your pet’s history on the blockchain via Pawtocol’s Universal Pet Record ensures that your pet’s history is easily searchable and goes wherever you do. Secondly, Pawtocol’s proprietary treatment AI will help your vet improve healthcare outcomes.

All your records in one safe place.

4. EZ Vet will be integrating fully with Pawtocol’s unique hardware and POC diagnostics meaning vet’s can spend more of their time working with patients and less time collating diagnostics.

The Blockchain dog tag is set-up in 3 easy steps: 1-use your phone to scan the QR Code, 2-pair your phone or computer with the tag and 3-fill in your profile.

The cornerstone to Pawtocol’s hardware suite is the blockchain dog tag with IoT technology that secures all your pet’s data in one place.

The device collects data about your pet’s medical records, vaccinations, the food you feed them and, even the medications that they take. This means that your vet has access to all of this information in a consolidated format within seconds of walking into the exam room. In an effort to further integrate pet healthcare delivery and the blockchain, Pawtocol has begun R&D for an IoT enabled point-of-care blood test for pets. This technology will dramatically reduce turn-around-times and enable permanent storage of vital medical data.

5. Both platforms bring the benefits of hyperlocal commerce.

Like human parents, pet parents live busy, unpredictable lives and squeezing in time for regular check-ups can be tough. EZ Vet’s simple scheduling interface and neighborhood availability will make it possible for pet parents to easily schedule a vet visit.

Since both the Pawtocol platform and the EZ Vet clinic emphasize local commerce, pet parents can build new relationships with other local parents and support their community.


  • Nearly all DLT projects are meant to augment our non-blockchain, analog lives but connecting the distributed world to the traditional one is difficult and expensive.
  • Pawtocol’s partnership with EZ Vet will mean that we’ve already solved for that.
  • Because EZ Vet will develop in lock-step with Pawtocol, pet parents will immediately enjoy the benefits of blockchain, AI and IoT tech more seamlessly with their everyday pet parenting lives.

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