Pawtocol is Improving Veterinary Care by Bringing Tech and Convenience to your Neighborhood.

Here are 5 ways users will benefit:

Quick hassle free healthcare for your pets.
Our ecosystem allows you to earn UPI.
All your records in one safe place.
The Blockchain dog tag is set-up in 3 easy steps: 1-use your phone to scan the QR Code, 2-pair your phone or computer with the tag and 3-fill in your profile.

The cornerstone to Pawtocol’s hardware suite is the blockchain dog tag with IoT technology that secures all your pet’s data in one place.


  • Nearly all DLT projects are meant to augment our non-blockchain, analog lives but connecting the distributed world to the traditional one is difficult and expensive.
  • Pawtocol’s partnership with EZ Vet will mean that we’ve already solved for that.
  • Because EZ Vet will develop in lock-step with Pawtocol, pet parents will immediately enjoy the benefits of blockchain, AI and IoT tech more seamlessly with their everyday pet parenting lives.

Learn more about Pawtocol:

White Paper
Telegram Chat




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