The 2020 Smart Pet is Here: They Know how to Make Money.

Last night I went to dinner with a friend and we talked not only about my dog, an adorable black poodle named Austin, after the namesake city where he was born, but about my friend’s five pets: a beautiful Golden Retriever, his beloved Sphynx (although I think they are odd cats), another cat, a horse named Lucy, and lastly the rabbit which his five-year-old takes joy in chasing around the house.

He’s real!

The crux of the conversation was how to make pet care a whole lot easier and safer. First, I told him that the cat and mouse game his son plays with the rabbit may need to stop, but more importantly, I introduced him to Pawtocol, the revolutionary global online community of pet lovers, that is disrupting the pet industry by leveraging blockchain technology to monetize data about their pets.

If making money off your pet seems strange, it shouldn’t be. I used Facebook as a simple example. For all intents and purposes, the social media giant is monopolizing our data, basically keeping it for themselves and not rewarding us for the information we share. Now, on the reverse side of the spectrum, Pawtocol pays you for your pet’s data with Universal Pet Income (UPI), a digital currency. You can cash out your UPI for real-world currency or use it to buy goods and services for your pet from our ecosystem (e.g., pet food and treats or dog walking services).

Generate UPI from the things you do everyday with your pet.

My friend found it impossible to comprehend, more to be a part of. I explained how easy it is to take advantage of this revolutionary technology. It all starts with the Blockchain Dog Tag, a storage ID system that keeps all your pet’s important data such as their medical history including vaccinations, food allergies or any other pertinent information including how to enact its safe return if your pet gets lost. We are not talking about a microchip here — this is next-level stuff.

The Blockchain Dog Tag is for all pets.

Setting up the Blockchain Dog Tag is quite simple. You will download our simple to use app to your mobile device, scan the QR code from your Blockchain Dog Tag just like you may do at the grocery store checkout and voila — your Blockchain Dog Tag and your device are paired.

But what got him most excited, was the ability to extend his pets’ life and improve its quality. How? Through superior veterinary services that can be provided using your pet’s medical and other data stored on the Pawtocol platform. Pawtocol keeps your pet’s data securely organized and directly accessible whenever a pet parent or vet needs it — unlike humans who have to worry about transferring their medical records from one specialist to another. Having an ability to access your pet’s data instantly, vets can provide medical care your pet needs, sometimes on an urgent basis.

How is your pet’s information used? Pawtocol brings the world’s most powerful diagnostic tools and AI to pet owners and makes informed recommendations based on knowledge of their pets. Pawtocol is your personal pet AI working in the service of you and your pet. As it gets to know your pet, its recommendations get better and better.

Here is AI helping you make the best buying decisions possible for your pet.

It makes shopping for your pet a new experience. You receive AI recommendations for medicines, foods, treats, and toys from providers proven to benefit pet well-being, free from big businesses’ predatory marketing practices.

As your personal Pawtocol AI gets more advanced, the entire network gets better at completing its goal of providing longer and happier lives for pets everywhere.

And, again, sharing information about your pet is rewarded. Why? Because your pet’s data is improving the lives of not only your pet but pets around the world by being able to make the most accurate recommendations for your pet’s lifestyle -from what food they eat to how much exercise they should get.

While dinner was great that evening, it was the thought of being part of a movement that takes technology and improves not only the pet’s life but that of the pet parent that excited my friend and his mini zoo.

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