The World’s First Biodegradable Blockchain Pet Tag

The Biodegradable Blockchain Pet Tag by GreenDogi powered by Pawtocol is here and it’s nothing short of revolutionary.

We have created the most ethical pet tag ever made and from its onset, it has been designed with ESG principles — Environmentally and Socially responsibility, with inclusive and transparent Governance — the backbone of Blockchain.

This dog tag carries all your pets’ information from their medical records, diet, fitness, and loss return information. You’ll always feel safe knowing your furry friend is sporting our tag. It also creates a permanent ID for your pet on the blockchain.

To join the Pawtocol community, all you have to do is pair our Super App with the Blockchain Pet Tag by scanning the QR Code.

And when you choose to share your pets’ data — perhaps with a vet or a supplier — you get rewarded with our in-app currency, Universal Pet Income (UPI.)

And, as part of our constant commitment to the environment and climate change, we’ve made the pet tag plant based and biodegradable so we are not harming the planet.

We would also like to thank you for being a pet parent, so the packaging comes with a seed to celebrate life. For every pet tag created a plant is born!

All you have to do is plant them and watch them grow!

You can choose from a variety of flowers or plants such as: African Violet Plant, Aluminum Plant, Air Plant, Bamboo, Carrots, Christmas Cactus, Orchids, Fern Plant, Friendship Plant, Herbs, Lace Flower, Vine Plant, Lipstick Plant, Parlor Palm, Polka Dot Plant, Prayer Plant, Spider Plant, Succulents, and Sunflowers.

All these plants are recognized by the ASPCA as being non-toxic to cats and dogs.

Help grow new life, save the planet — and protect your pet — with the Biodegradable Blockchain Dog Tag by GreenDogi.

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