Virtually Adopt a Pet with NFTs

Pawtocol is a one of a kind decentralized platform with multiple services. Here at Pawtocol we integrate technology into the average pet parent’s life such as putting pets on the blockchain and have created a way to store a pet’s data from their medical records, to lose reward information, and more in one safe place.

We’re also at the forefront of another technology: NFTs. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, allow people to monetize their own intellectual property and identify unique digital assets. They’re like a baseball trading card or one of a kind photo — but it’s digital.

\NFTs have been a major source of buzz online in the past year. Popular celebrities use it to sell art or their tweets, artists use it to display their pieces in virtual art galleries. Someone has auctioned even the original gif for Nyan Cat off for $600,000.

Unlike these animal GIFs, we are helping pets in real time. Pawtocol will now integrate NFTs into our platform to help animals have yet to accomplish.

With this technology, we will help stray pets from all over the world and create virtual adoptions. Here is how it works:

First, a biodegradable Pawtocol Pet Tag is needed that contains a QR code which is scanned and pairs with the Pawtocol app that allows someone to create an NFT. In this scenario, presumably, it would be an animal rescue.

Pawtocol’s NFTs are like regular NFTs. It could be a video, digital art, or a sprite of the animal.

Once the NFT is created. We can put it into the Pawtocol NFT marketplace. When someone is browsing the NFTs, they can decide to virtually adopt a pet by purchasing the NFT.

And just like any other adoption, the pet needs some virtual love and a minimum amount of funds (average of $12 dollars per month) for the basics such as food and vet care. The money will help support the pet’s survival until they find a permanent home.

An important characteristic of NFTs and the blockchain is its transparency- allowing the virtual parent to verify that the funds are going directly to shelter and the pet — effectively removing the middleman and any possible murkiness.

This is all part of Pawtocol’s mission to build a no kill nation.

Check out our videos on NFTs!

NFTs as explained by our CEO Karim Quazzani:

A-list influencer talk about the importance of NFTs:



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